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Boeing 747, Vickers Viscount

Technik Museum Speyer
Boeing 747, Vickers Viscount
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Technik Museum Speyer Technik Museum Speyer
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Boeing 747, Vickers ViscountTechnik Museum Speyer
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Location: Technik Museum Speyer - Am Technik Museum, Speyer, Germany  Airplane  Boeing 747 (200) jetliner Lufthansa Wikipedia
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Boeing 747, Vickers Viscount

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Boeing 747
Boeing 747 (200)

Operator / Airline:Lufthansa
Serial number:21588
The Boeing 747 is an American wide-body commercial jet airliner and cargo aircraft, often referred to by its original nickname, "Jumbo Jet". Its distinctive hump upper deck along the forward part of the aircraft has made it one of the most recognizable aircraft, and it was the first wide-body airplane produced. Manufactured by Boeing's Commercial Airplane unit in the United States, the 747 was originally envisioned to have 150 percent greater capacity than the Boeing 707, a common large commercial aircraft of the 1960s. First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years.

Vickers Viscount
Vickers Viscount (814)

Type:turboprop airliner
Operator / Airline:Lufthansa
Serial number:447
The Vickers Viscount was a British medium-range turboprop airliner first flown in 1948 by Vickers-Armstrongs. A design requirement from the Brabazon Committee, it entered service in 1953 and was the first turboprop-powered airliner.

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